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Welcome to the Official website of the Original Scrunchie Cap®. Scrunchie Cap® is easy to use.

1. Simply place Scrunchie Cap® on your head while holding your ponytail with one hand.

2. Pull your ponytail through the scrunchie portion of the cap and adjust the Scrunhie Cap® in place.

3.  Wrap the scrunchie portion of the Scrunchie Cap® around your ponytail as many times as needed to fit your head comfortably.

As Easy As 1,2,3 . . . . Women wear so many hats throughout a day! Whatever day you’re having, make it a Scrunchie Cap® day! 


Scrunchie Cap® is an innovative ponytail wrap and performance cap all in one by Itzafit™. It is a unique product designed by a woman owned brand with women in mind to be both a functional and fashionable accessory. Scrunchie  Cap!®  is ideal for sports activities because it allows women to secure their hair with comfort and enhance performance. Scrunchie Cap was selected by America’s Next Top Model as a grab gift for the audience for one of their episodes.

Please contact our Customer Service department at for any questions about the amazing Scrunchie Cap® and/or its distribution.

View The Original Scrunchie Cap® video as seen on YouTube®

Photography by Candace Bittker

Scrunchie Cap as seen on The Balancing Act TV Show

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